FMC Review – Are You Ready For The New Now? You Should Be!

newmowWhen I saw all the buzz on my email lists about a new ebook (and soon to be paperback) called The New Now, I have to say I was quite curious. Not only were all the sentiments extremely positive, there wasnt one the was negative at all. So I clicked the link and say The New Now was written by none other than the all knowing Phillip Hodgetts!

Knowing Phillip for a few years and reading his sound advice on different email lists and forums, I knew whatever was inside The New Now would be a worthwhile learning adventure. So I clicked on the buy button, downloaded it and dove right in.

The New Now is so timely and so well done it was a breeze to go through its 160 pages. Inside it is packed with valuable information on "growing your production and post production business in a changed and changing world". That subtitle speaks volumes. We are in a world that changes in the blink of an eye and we must be prepared for it to survive in the content arena. Phillip really guides you through what would seem rough waters given the current economy. Instead of doom and gloom he concentrates on the positives like having more time to learn new tools or work flows to enhance your business. He discusses methods on retaining and gaining new clients. there are great links to many different resources. And he makes you think. This was key for me.

One chapter that discusses  methods on dealing with clients came in handy to me this very day. A good longtime client of mine gave extra notes on a finished project because the higher ups really needed it done this way. Using the advice in the book I did the fixes and didnt complain, charge more, or stomped on the ground. Not 45 min later, I recieved a call from a colleague of this client who said the client recommended me for a job. He said the client loved working with me and that I delivered. Now I dont know if I had acted differently on the notes issue like charging for what really took me 20 min to do, if i wouldnt have gotten the recommendation BUT....who knows? The good news was I was in my own NEW NOW!

The bottom line is this is a solid reference on what to do NOW. How to market yourself, work with clients, and find your Unique Selling Proposal. Was it with $9.95? No it was worth 10 times that to me.

For more information visit Phillip's site and pick up a copy for $9.95 before he realizes its worth more! Thanks Phillip Hodgetts for taking the time to create such a solid learning experience!
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