FMC Review – Episode Encoder is a rock star!

After hearing all the great comments on Telestream's Episode Encoder, I decided to pick up a copy and used it on a recent job. Not only was it simple to use, but it is highly customizable! All the compression settings are good to go in default mode but if you love to fine tune and tinker you can until your hearts content. From filters like sharpening, RGB, and HSV to adding a watermark, the Episode Encoder has it all!

One of the great features for me was the ability to add a bumper or trailer on the fly! Clients and I will love using this! And the best part? Its a simple few clicks to get it done!

The Episode Encoder comes in two flavors: Episode Encoder ($495) and Episode Encoder Pro ($995). The main difference being the ability to encode into broadcast formats like GXF, MXF, High Profile DVCPRO HD, and mobile multi-bit rate. Telestream offers a full demo version of the software on their site. The Episode Encoder and Encoder Pro are available for Mac and Windows.

After using Episode Encoder Pro on my last job, which had 300 plus clips needing encoding, I am absolutely sold. This is a solid encoding solution and did not let me down. I give it 5/5 Stars for its ease of use, customizing ability, and super fast encoding ability. Download a demo today!! And get ready to pull your wallet out!

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  1. Dave says:

    I agree! A company that gives updates free is a real patriot to the game! Thanks for the comment!

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