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Scouring the blogosphere, I found some really interesting posts on independent film distribution. Many filmmakers are now put into th position of having to distribute films in many alternative methods. Luckily we have the web and other avenues now.

How Movie Reviews Influence Independent Film Financing

2) New funding opportunities for independent filmmakers are emerging, while the traditional methods of securing film distribution are now becoming outdated. Big productions are favored by international financiers. ...

7 Tips for Online Film Distribution from Peter Broderick –

An independent distribution precursor, Broderick helps filmmakers (more than 800 over the past seven years!) find creative ideas for crafting the best distribution strategies for their documentaries. He encourages filmmakers to get ...

Filmmaker Magazine | Filmmaker Blog

New distribution models are NOT just self-distribution. Self-distribution is not the savior of independent film. Self-distribution connotes that filmmakers are doing every aspect of the release themselves with no collaboration with ...

Angry Filmmaker Rants: SXSW, SEA, Marketing Thoughts & Other Stuff

... the NW Film Financing Conference: Movie Marketing, and I was amazed at how many filmmakers and producers are still naively clinging to the notion that they can raise a million dollars, make a film and get traditional distribution. ... The filmmakers who survive and thrive are the ones who do as much as possible themselves and, guard their digital rights, and figure out ways to cross-promote their films. The future of REAL Independent Filmmaking belongs to those who ...

Independent Film Distribution | Filmmaking Stuff

In a more-perfect world of Independent Film Distribution, iTunes would open the flood gates and allow all feature filmmakers to upload their work. However, at the time of writing, getting your finished feature film into iTunes is still ...

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