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I have to say, I have neglected my first non linear editing program ,Sony Vegas, lately. I remember cutting my first video content on it. It was a music video I did for a very indie rock band! The program was extremely easy to learn and they have made alot of improvement and added tons of new features since then.

I decided to poke around the web for some great video tutorials to get you up to speed!

Video Tips & Tricks ep16: Sony Vegas Pro 9 Introduction Tutorial

Sony Vegas 9. How To Use The Zoom n Pan

Sony Vegas 9 High Quailty/Best Render Setting Tut

New Effects in Sony Vegas 9!

Video Tips & Tricks ep21: Sony Vegas Pro 9 Tutorial trimmer window

Sony Vegas 9 Tutorial: The Basics For Beginners

Sony Vegas 9 Pro MultiCamera Editing Tutorial

Sony vegas 9 "How to make a cool intro" Tutorial

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