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As we keep moving forward technologies come and go but one thing is certain: filmmakers need to collaborate. This is especially true in the post production process. I know this firsthand. On my last film I would send MOV file to my executive producer and call him up to go over the cut.

It was painstaking about this was we had to basically say go at the same time and try and be synced as we watched the cut of the film. He would say "stop, there should be more color here" and I would jot down his note (hopefully) at the same time code. Yes it worked but it was a bit of pain in the butt.

After scouring the web for new possibilities for collaboration and review I came across a new product that I've fallen in love with. Introducing Fuze Movie. So what is this innovative new product? Let's take a look.

The Fuze Movie workflow

Fuze Movie is a license based review and collaboration tool that is not only easy to use but also very inexpensive. To use Fuse Movie you must have a Skype account. The good news is Skype is free.

Once you have Skype and you launch the Fuse Movie interface you're presented with several options. You can upload your content to an FTP server and e-mail your play list to participants. (I highly recommend taking a look at Pogoplug as your own personal cloud)

Once all the participants have the play list or link to the media they can begin reviewing the content either together or on their own time. I love the last part on their own time! No longer do you really have to schedule collaboration meetings especially if you are in different time zones. This can be a big pain in the butt sometimes getting everybody together. With Fuze Movie the process is now simplified.

Annotating the content

For example let's say I have a project that was sent to New York for some color correcting. I am in LA and really don't want to wake up at 6 AM for nine o'clock notes. So my colorist sends me a link to the media, I watch it on my own time, and send him my feedback in several ways.

Within Fuze Movie you're given some great tools. You can add text, graphics, pointers and voice notes. Anytime you add an annotation in places Code Based locators. When reviewing the notes you can easily jump from locator to locator.

This is very powerful as you can really pinpoint any corrections or notes you may have. What if I don't like the coloring of my actors face? No problem, I'll just use the pencil tool draw around the face, then add my text notes saying I want this to be a more blue. Now my colorist can view the notes and see exactly what I mean and where I want it done. Awesome stuff.

I'm done reviewing now what?

Once you're done reviewing in Fuse Movie gives you several options for export. You can either create a CSV file for import into Excel, create an XML file for Final Cut Pro import, or an HTML file with images.

The XML file export is fantastic and easily imported into Final Cut Pro. Within Final Cut Pro I was able to find all my notes at the correct time codes for easy changes. This couldn't be a more simpler process.

The HTML file creates a web page snapshots of the reviewed footage and the notes. It also includes the time codes. As I was wondering how I would use that particular export, I realize this would work great when working in premiere Pro or avid media composer. I imported the XML file into Premiere Pro. The locators came in perfectly and matched the time code. The only thing was I was not able to see my notes, but by creating the HTML file I was able to look at that, go to my time locators, and make my corrections. Where there's a will there's a way.

Final thoughts

If you are looking for an easy to use, and cost-effective method for reviewing or collaborating on content Fuse Movie should be in your toolbox. At minimum you'll need two licenses one for yourself and one for your collaborator. If your post process, for example, is at most three months you can pick up two licenses for three months at a mere $229. That's a very cheap my friends for what you're getting. If you have a big shop were many collaborators views movie can scale up words while remaining cost-effective. For more information please visit

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