PluralEyes makes multicam editing as easy as 1, 2, 3!

The process of post-production can be hard and time consuming, especially when you have multiple cameras from the same shoot. In order to edited between the different angles you must sync their audio files together and set them up into a multi-cam editing sequence. Many people don’t even attempt to use the feature, and they end up using an even more complicated process to get the job done.

Even if you know how to use the multi-cam Final Cut Pro feature, it can still be difficult to set up right. On top of that, the productions value depends on it to be done right. However, once you get a hang of it, its very simple editing that can cut your post-production time in half. The tricky thing about multi-cam editing is mainly syncing the clips, all sorts of unforeseen problems can arise to make this process difficult; the camera’s could have started recording at drastically different times, loss of audio, gaps and problems from the tapes magnetic strip, the list could go on and these problems can make your post-production extend for hours on end.

Enter Pluraleyes
I personally use Final Cut Pro’s  multi-cam editing sequences to complete productions for my clients. The post-production workflow is not efficient as it is wasted time when you are syncing clips, and watching over the footage to see if its synced. That’s where Singular Software’s Pluraleyes provides its assistance. The program itself is a blessing for editors. It is simple to use, advanced in analyzing audio & footage, increases production value while cutting post time in half, even the few issues of the software are no problem, it’s a beneficial product.

The software is extremely simple to use. All you do is create a sequence in Final Cut Pro that’s inside of a saved project. Next place the footage you want to sync in the sequence and then name the sequence Pluraleyes. After that you just open Pluraleyes, press sync and it starts. The program finds the file and starts its work, creating new files and folders to prepare your project. When the software is done syncing the clips together it creates two new sequences for you and also creates the multi-clip sequence, which sets you right up to start editing between cameras. The software analyzes the footage in ways that we just cant do as fast. The system is fast, productive and accurate. It finds the smallest flaws and issues with the audio, removing all dead space, and providing proper synchronization.

Shot breaks don't matter
It doesn’t matter if you continuously stopped and started recording, Pluraleyes will match up all the clips that have the same audio. When you use it you’ll notice that it creates two sequences one that provides you with all glitches, unusable audio/footage and another where everything is perfectly lined up and synced. Pluraleyes will even sync footage in different codec’s together, although Final Cut Pro wont allow you to make it into a multi-clip, it will still be synced together. Bringing this software to the table on any production just increases workflow which always increases production value. The product itself aids you on making the project perfect for personal use or for clients.

Pluraleyes is Easy to use, a great benefit to aid your post-production workflow, and increase in production value. The program knows video and audio formats, and works hand in hand with Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and they are in Beta for Premiere Pro CS5. The program knows how to prepare your project and set it up for you to begin editing right away. An experiment I conducted proved it to be quite quick and effective. I put allot of experimental footage from a three camera shoot, where cameras were continuously stopping and starting to record, maintaining about three hours of footage in total. I placed everything on the timeline and in a matter of minutes the Software matched up all clips and synced the project, detected the different video codec’s and notified me, it truly has an advanced analyzing system.

The only thing about Pluraleyes that I would have to say is a drawback is how the system creates completely separate video tracks for all separated clips. It does this even to the ones that have the same shot. This this is nothing to really keep you from using the product, the fact that it still syncs them is incredible and convenient for production’s.

Final Thoughts
This Software is the mark of more products we need to aid workflow in post-production. Pluraleyes is going in the right direction and I just hope other software companies start going in this direction, simple interface and effective. I give this Software a 4.5 out of 5. Pluraleyes is $149 and you can download the fully working demo here.

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