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Production Insurance for Indie Films

Production Insurance for Indie Films

Production insurance is one of those necessary evils that can pop up when you are least prepared for it, but now it’s easier than ever to get insured.


Brushing Up on Editing

I’ve always considered myself to be a mediocre editor, at best. Now, I’m on a mission to fix that.


FilmFinancer: An Experiment

Have I cracked the code to finding money for your next feature film? Read about my experiment with FilmFinancer!


Film Finance Revelations

Nix the silent treatment and start being strategic about your approach with outreach and networking in order to get your scripts read and move your projects forward.


The Best Way to Use LUTs

LUTs are much more than just Instagram filters for your footage. Learn how to use LUTs during production and amp up your shooting game.


Holiday Gift Guide

It’s the Season of Giving It’s about that time of the year where people start to realize – shoot… I don’t have a gift for


3-Point Lighting Kit

3-point lighting is one of the fundamental basics of cinematography. It is taught in every book on lighting and in every cinematography or photography class.


100+ Movie Scripts to Download

Download Movie Scripts Reading scripts from your favorite movies can be one of the most beneficial activities you can do to improve your filmmaking. Not


C Stand vs C+ Stand

What are the differences between a c stand and a c+ stand for filmmakers? We dive into it in this article.


What is B-Roll?

In digital filmmaking, the idea of rolls has been translated to media cards, so is the term “B-roll” still applicable to us digital filmmakers?


Types of Lighting in Film

In this article, I break down some of the most common types of lighting in film that you see on nearly every set.

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