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About the Community

We call our community of supporters Fearless Filmmakers because here at Filmmaking Central, we promote creativity and out-of-the-box thinking when it comes to the craft and business of film.

Our community is comprised of nearly 8,000 filmmakers from around the globe – everyone from industry pros to new beginners.

All are welcome!

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Meet the Team

Alex Darke & Trevor L. Nelson
professional Filmmakers

Trevor L. Nelson (top), Alex Darke (middle), and Steve the Grey Head (bottom) are a team of professional filmmakers out in Los Angeles, CA.

Their work has been nominated for Emmy, Streamy, and Webby Awards.

Plus, they are the hosts of the No-Budget Filmmaking podcast (available everywhere), owners of Filmmaking Central, creators of Filmshake, and co-founders of the production company Gilded Cinema.

They are friends, entrepreneurs, and life-long Fearless Filmmakers.


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Learn New Concepts

Learn new ideas on concepts not taught anywhere else in this exclusive online community.

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Gain a better understanding of crucial business concepts that affect all filmmakers.

Motivation & Inspiration

Follow along with our journey through filmmaking and join in on the fun on your own projects!

Grow Your Network

If it's all about "who you know", then start knowing more people! Network with other filmmakers.


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