Holiday Gift Guide

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It's the Season of Giving

It’s about that time of the year where people start to realize – shoot… I don’t have a gift for Blank yet…

Not to worry, there are several great gift ideas out there for the budding filmmaker and I’ve included some of my favorites below.

Pocket knives and multi-tools are a solid choice. Carrying a pocket knife on set is pretty standard, and it comes in handy all the time.

Multi-tools are also great for when you just need a quick set of pliers or a screw driver, but don’t want to run back to your gig bag for a tool.

Leatherman is an outstanding company for both pocket knives and multi-tools.

One of my favorite new additions of theirs is the Leatherman Free T4. It is their version of a Swiss Army style knife with several tools in a standard pocket knife configuration instead of Leatherman’s famous pliers configuration.

It has their new FREE technology that utilizes magnets and thumb tabs to make the knife easier to operate with one hand.

This knife is definitely on my list. Click here to check the price.


This item may be a little more specific to people in the camera or maybe the G&E department, but a set pouch to have your tools close by is great for any kind of technician on set.

For ACs, these pouches hold markers, measuring tapes, hex & star wrench sets, bongo ties, and other doodads that one finds themselves running back to their gig bag for frequently.

Though I am not an AC, I still have one of these is my gig bag and I use it as a smaller “grab and go” bag with my most useful tools inside so I can open up my bag and pull it out to take over to where I need it.

The Cinebags CB03 is the smaller version, but they also make a larger zipper topped version that is a little more expensive, but also great if you have a need for more space.

Click here to check the price.

We are going ham on the tools here, but Robogrips are just so dang useful! They are spring-loaded automatically adjusting pliers to grab and grip anything.

I use these all the time when mounting lights up in a grid. They have come in handy to tighten metal clamps that have small thumbscrews. And, I’ve even used them to grip a small strip of Velcro to help me yank it off a battery where it was no longer needed.

There’s usually a full tool box around somewhere with all sorts of crescent wrenches and pliers, but I guarantee you that the Robogrips are the first tools I grab to do the job, because they typically make it so much easier.

Click here to check the price.

The Joby GorillaPod 3K is an articulating tripod for cameras and accessories up to 6lbs. I say “and accessories” because in reality, this little thing can hold anything!

I’ve used it to hold microphones on a table for podcasts as well as a 7″ monitor for a director.

The legs bend in all sorts of directions to be able to quickly adjust the height or base-width of the tripod. Plus, each one of the articulating balls has a rubber ring around it, making it able to grip onto poles, rails and other odd shaped items.

This is great for setting a small camera or light in an odd area.

And, in a pinch, I’ve used the GorillaPod as a makeshift shoulder rig by straightening out the back leg and using the two front legs as handles.

Click here to check the price.

Play Video

This is for all the streamers and gadget lovers out there.

The Pivo is a smart pivoting head for your smartphone. Yes, that’s right, a remote head for your smartphone.

But why? Why would someone want a remote head for their smartphone?

Check this out. Pivo comes with it’s own app that tracks your face or your body and auto rotates the camera to follow along with you.


This is great for your solo self-filmers out there who are making instructional videos or streaming yourself talking into the camera.

It allows you to be hands free (no selfie stick required) and also move freely without worrying about framing.

There are tons of different modes for creative videos and stills.

It’ll definitely up your Instagram game.

Click here to check out the video and check the price.

Happy Holidays

Thanks for checking out my holiday gift guide. Let us know your own discoveries in the comments below, and happy holidays from Filmmaking Central!

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